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Tutorial Windows XP to Vista

Revised at 22/05/2008
+Links fixed
+Old stuff removed
+Info updated

:spotlight-left: Windows XP > Vista tutorial :spotlight-right:

Now downloadable as a MS Word document!*
* latest updates and new adds may not be included

This is my 1st XP>Vista tutorial, I’ve searched and found all possible things that make XP look like vista. Happy reading!


:pointr:Other tutorials:

If you want your XP look like any other OS, check out these:

XP > Longhorn tutorial for longhorn fans [link]

XP > Leopard tutorial by anoos: [link]

TUTORIAL: Transform Windows XP into Windows Vista, Without Using any Customization Pack: [link]
This tutorial is mostly hacking system files to look like vista.

:pointr:Transformation packs:

These packs will automatically transform your XP to Vista, but you’ll need MUCH more then that to make your XP look as close as possible to vista…

Vista Transformation Pack: [link]

Vistamizer: [link]

BricoPack Vista Inspirat 2 (SP3 compatible): [link]


Like I said, transformation packs are not enough, here is a list of other required things for a vista feeling:


:bulletgreen: Visual styles:

Get the basic vista look with msstyles, you’ll need to patch uxtheme first.

:pointr: Best Visual style (msstyles) Vista VG ultimate: [link]
:bulletgreen: Aero Ultimate ViOrb – to make the whole orb appear on the msstyles: [link]
:pointr: Skins for ViOrb: [link]

Get the premium Vista Aero experience on XP with WindowBlinds 6! You will get real glass and blur, and many other features with WB!

:pointr: Best WindowBlinds style: Aero Ultimate RC1 [link] – Highest Quality vista style for XP

:bulletgreen: Applications to get Aero glass without WindowBlinds:
Don’t have WindowBlinds? Don’t worry, you can get Aero Glass frames with these:

:pointr: Vystal: [link]
:pointr: FastAero: [link]
:pointr: TrueTransparency (recommended) [link]

:bulletred: Vista user pictures:
Userpictures from Vista ready to use on XP

:pointr: Download: [link]

:bulletred: Vista Flip 3D in XP

Get the awesome Flip3D effect just like in vista.

New! Best Flip3D – Shock3D (free)
:pointr: TopDesk: 1.5 (shareware) [link]
:pointr: WinFlip: (free) [link]
:pointr: Madotate [link]

:bulletred: Vista Taskbar previews

Did you notice a cool vista feature which displays small thumbnails over a taskbar? You can have the same in XP!

Visual Tooltips: [link]

Visual Task Tips: [link]


:bulletred: All Original Vista Wallpapers:

Authentic wallpapers extracted from Vista



:bulletblue: Windows Media Center:

Skins for XP MCE 2005 Media Center program: [link]

:pointr: MediaPortal (open source media center): [link]
Vista like skin for media portal: [link]
:pointr: Nero Home: [link]
Vista skin for Nero home: [link]

Other Media Center software:


:bulletblue: Explorer plugins

Want your explorer to look and work like vista’s? Try these:

:pointr: Favorite Links for XP: [link]
:pointr: Styler (vista toolbar) [link]
Styler skins – Vista perfection X4: [link]
Other types and languages: [link]
:pointr: Vista adressbar: [link]

:bulletgreen: Other Applications

Some neat programs are included in vista, some are available on XP too:

:pointr: Windows Media Player 11 (Genuine Windows required): [link]
Best windows media player resource pack: [link]

:pointr: Internet explorer 7 (Genuine Windows required): [link]

:pointr: Mozilla firefox: (alternative to ie7)
Tutorial on how to make Firefox look like IE7 Vista: [link]

:pointr: Real Vista paint, notepad, calculator: [link]

:pointr: Windows Calendar: [link]

:pointr: Vista Help for XP: [link]

:pointr: Windows vista Games RTM (original vista games): [link]
:pointr: Vista Games explorer:
V1: [link]
V2 (possibility to add games): [link]

Windows Sidebars:

:pointr: Windows Vista Sidebar RTM (original sidebar from vista): [link]

Windows Sidebar Styler [link]

:pointr:Rainmeter Windows Sidebar (recommended): [link]
Takes very little resources!

:pointr: Google Desktop:

:pointr: Thoosje’s Vista Sidebar:

:pointr: Welcome Center:
Glass: [link]
Basic: [link]

:pointr: Real Windows Photo Gallery!
Windows Live Photo Gallery: [link]

:pointr: Windows Photo Gallery (DesktopX): [link]

:pointr: Windows Mail:
windows Live Mail [link]

:pointr: Thunderbird: [link]
:pointr: Thunderbird winmail skin: [link]

:pointr: Windows Defender: [link] (WGA required)

:pointr: Vista system properties:

:pointr: Vista personalization for xp:

:pointr: Vista clock for xp


:bulletgreen: Windows Vista original icons and pngs:

You can use these icons in a dock or any system elements:

:pointr: 347 vista icons: [link]
:pointr: 347 Vista pngs: [link]
:pointr: Vista application icons: [link]
Vista RTM WOW icon pack: [link]

Vista Icon packages:

For tuneUP: [link]
For IconPacakger: [link]
For IconTweaker: [link]


:bulletgreen: Windows Vista boot and logon:

:pointr: Original vista boot screen for xp: [link]
:pointr: Best Logon available for XP:


:bulletgreen:Vista screensavers: [link]


:bulletblue:Vista Explorer in XP:


:bulletred:Windows Product (RED)

Dell released a special set of computers with Vista Product (RED) for charity purposes. If you have ever supported (RED) you can get the special wallpapers, screensavers, sidebar gadgets and dreamscene for XP: [link]


And last but not least:
:bulletred: Dreamscene (Video, Animated wallpaper):
In Vista Ultimate there is a extra called dreamscene, it lets to use a video background as a wallpaper :

:pointr: DreamRender – one of the best dreamscene programs for xp: [link]

:pointr: KMplayer (tutorial) [link]
:pointr: Bsplayer (free): [link]
:pointr: VLC player (free): [link]
:pointr: Dreamscene animations: [link]
:pointr: DreamsceneXP (flash on Desktop) [link]
:pointr: AuroraXP: [link]
:pointr: JelyXP: [link]



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