Posteado por: betaza | 19 julio, 2008

Radiohead embraces open source

Radiohead has released a new music video in a very unique format. The video was created entirely without the use of cameras. Instead the makers of the video employed visualisations from a scanning system called Geometric Informatics and location shots created using a Velodyne HDL-64E that utilises pulsers from a laser diode.smile_speedy
All this data is now available for the public to use and create their own versions of the video.
This has come about because of a link-up with the Google Code site, where the information can be downloaded along with a visualiser. You can essentially re-edit the video in an application of your choosing.
Once you have done this, you can upload it to YouTube, where a group has already been created to show off your work.
James Frost, the director of the video, had this very Radiohead thing to say about the project: "I

n a weird way [the project] is a direct reflection of where we are in society. Everything is [computer] data. Everything around us is data-driven in some shape or form. We are so reliant on it that it seems like our lives are digital."
Check out the video smile_shades: Google Code
View Sourcesmile_shades: TechRadar

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